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Message from the Executive Director

Executive Director: Masayuki Yagi
Executive Director
Masayuki Yagi
We would first like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to investors for their support of MORI TRUST Sogo Reit, Inc. (MTR).

I assumed the position of Executive Director of MORI TRUST Sogo Reit, Inc. on June 13, 2017. I will dedicate all my effort to achieve our future growth and would like to humbly ask you for the same support and help given to my predecessors.

It is our pleasure to present the investment management summary and financial results for the 30th fiscal period (ended March 31, 2017) of MTR.

As a result of the management of the 15 properties owned by MTR (total acquisition price 328,146 million yen), MTR posted operating revenues of 8,869 million yen, ordinary income of 4,707 million yen and net income of 4,722 million yen. The dividend per unit came to 3,603 yen, and the overall occupancy rate of the portfolio as of the end of the 30th fiscal period was 99.9%.

Following the 31st fiscal period, MTR will maintain its basic policy of conducting stable investment management over the medium and long terms, with the aim of generating stable income gains and steadily growing its assets under management.
We would like to ask for your continued support and encouragement in the years to come.