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Environment Initiatives

MTAM is working to reduce the environmental impact of the portfolio of properties held by MTR in accordance with “Promoting energy saving and GHGs emission reduction” and “Contributing to recycle-oriented society,” which form part of its sustainability policy.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

MTR’s asset management company has built an environmental management system to promote energy saving, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and effective use of resources.
MTR sets targets for CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and water consumption, observes the results, carries out plan-and-result management, and takes measures to contribute to the creation of a sustainable recycling society through the reduction of the environmental burden.

*The confirmation of a third party (Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.) has been obtained regarding total CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water consumption across the portfolio (excluding land with leasehold interest).

Examples of Environment Initiatives

Introduction of LED Lighting

MTR introduced LED lighting and lighting equipment with human sensors successively in rooms for rent and common areas of the properties held. Energy saving activities for reducing the environmental burden are promoted.

(Examples of introduction)
・ON Building・Kioicho Building・Osaki MT Building・Midosuji MTR Building・Hiroo MTR Building
・Tenjin Prime・Shin-Yokohama TECH Building・SHIBUYA FLAG・Hotel Okura Kobe・Park Lane Plaza etc.

  • Kioicho Building

  • Hiroo MTR Building

Introduction of Highly Efficient Heating Systems / Renewal of air-conditioning systems

MTR is working on increasing comfort and reducing CO2 through the introduction of highly efficient heating systems whose energy efficiency is excellent and renewal with highly efficient air-conditioning systems whose energy saving performance is high upon the replacement of air-conditioning systems.

(Examples of introduction)
・Tokyo Shiodome Building・ON Building・Kioicho Building・Osaki MT Building・Midosuji MTR Building
・Tenjin Prime・Shin-Yokohama TECH Building・Ito-Yokado Shonandai・Hotel Okura Kobe etc.

  • Shin-Yokohama TECH Building

  • Hotel Okura Kobe

Utilization of power sources that do not emit CO₂

Most of the power consumed at the Shibuya Flag will not emit CO₂ (CO₂ emissions will be practically reduced to zero) through the utilization of non-fossil certificates not necessitating an increase of the total cost of electricity.

Introduction of smart meters

At the Osaki MT Building, we introduced smart meters to ensure that energy is used effectively through an understanding of details such as the amount of power that is consumed and the time it is consumed.

Reduction of water consumption

MTR is working to conserve water in the common areas of the properties it owns by installing automatic sink faucets and replacing hygiene equipment with products with high water-saving performance.

(Examples of introduction)
・ON Building
・Osaki MT Building
・Shin-Yokohama TECH Building etc.

Properly Dealing with Environmental Issues such as Contamination

When acquiring real estate, assessing beforehand whether there are harmful substances such as PCBs or asbestos, soil contamination or other environmental issues is an integral part of the process.
We deal with any issues with real estate held such as the presence of harmful substances through appropriate measures, management or treatment in accordance with laws and regulations.

Collaboration with Tenants and Suppliers

Introduction of green lease

MTR and tenants of some of the properties owned have concluded a memorandum of understanding for a green lease, aiming to reduce the environmental burden. Information sharing about electricity, gas and water consumption and discussions on the improvement of environmental performance will be conducted on a regular basis.

Reduction of waste

When carrying out construction work, MTR is continuously working to reduce waste in collaboration with contractors.

Supply chain management

When selecting a property management company, MTR assessed the candidates’ activities related to sustainability in addition to their facility operation and management, lease operation and management, and leasing operations.

Protection of Biodiversity

ON Building and Osaki MT Building, which are owned by MTR, have formed Osaki Business Garden, a large-scale redevelopment project. The site has an open space full of greenery, worthy of the name "Garden", and contributes to symbiosis and coexistence with nature and the protection of biodiversity.

Environmental Performance Data

Environmental Performance Targets

In FY2021, MTAM has set reduction targets for total CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water consumption across the portfolio for FY2021 to FY2025, as shown below. We have set its targets for CO2 emissions reduction, bearing in mind the Japanese government target of reducing CO2 emissions in fiscal 2030 by 46% from their level in fiscal 2013.

All reduction targets set for FY2016 to FY2020 have been achieved, as shown below.

Environmental Performance Data

Management of waste

We are working on the continuous reduction of waste by properly managing waste in our portfolio.