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Social Initiatives

MTAM aims to help improve tenant satisfaction and contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by building good relationships with external stakeholders related to the real estate MTR holds and cooperating and collaborating with them in accordance with the “collaborating with external stakeholders” strand of its sustainability policy.

Initiatives for Tenants

Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

We conduct questionnaire surveys of the tenants which occupy MTR’s office, retail and other properties. By sharing the survey results with building management companies and other concerned parties and using them to improve the operation and management of properties, we seek continuous improvement in tenant satisfaction.

Improvement of Tenant Comfort

We carry out various work to improve tenant comfort, including renovating common areas and creating barrier-free access. We also regularly conduct air environment measurements to maintain good air quality in office spaces.

  • Entrance hall renewal work
    (Shin-Yokohama TECH Building)

  • Elavator hall renewal work
    (Midosuji MTR Building)

Initiatives for Tenant Safety and Security

MTR works on the safety and security of tenants and visitors.In order to strive to provide buildings and services that give consideration of tenants and visitors, MTR works on disaster prevention and BCP such as a regular anti-disaster drills, Installation of emergency power supply systems, and emergency stockpiling

(Examples of introduction)
・ Free provision of storage space for emergency supplies to tenants
・ Installation of emergency power source equipment
・ Renovation work for universal design
・ Installation of emergency boxes in elevators         
・ Disaster toilet stockpiling
・ Separation of smoking and non-smoking areas
・ Provision of AEDs
・ Provision of Christmas tree and other decorations

  • emergency power supplies
    (Shin-Yokohama TECH Building)

  • Renovation work for universal design
    (Tenjin Prime)

Contributing to local areas and communities

Social Contribution by MTAM Employees / Installation of Bicycles for the Community

MTAM’s employees seek to contribute to the local community by regularly taking part in cleaning activities in the Shibuya area in which Shibuya Flag, one of the properties owned by MTR, is located.
We make part of the sites of real estate owned by MTR available for the installation of cycle ports for shared bicycles.

  • Cleaning Activities around Shibuya area

  • Provision of community cycle system
    (Kioicho Building)

Cooperation with Local Events

We endeavor to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by participating in various community development-related councils and participating in and cooperating with local events, including financially contributing to the town management company of the Shiodome area in which Shiodome Building is located and signing a local townscape planning agreement designed to improve the value of the Midosuji area in which Midosuji MTR Building is located.

  • Midosuji Illuminations
    (Midosuji MTR Building)

Cooperation in Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy

To cooperate with the Tokyo government in the Zero Emission Tokyo program targeting zero CO2 emissions by 2050, the Company donated CO2 reduction credit of 15,007 points to the Tokyo government in October 2020 based on Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program.

Cooperation in the activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society

Cooperation in the activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society
As a gesture of its endorsement of the activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society, MTR has been cooperating with the educational activities of the Red Cross by displaying its posters in owned properties.

Contributing to local areas and communities(Mori Trust Co., Ltd.)

*The Asset Management Company are comprised of personnel seconded from Mori Trust Co., Ltd.

Kamiyacho God Valley Vision

Our sponsor Mori Trust Co., Ltd. has formulated the Kamiyacho God Valley Vision as its vision for new urban development in the Kamiyacho area of Toranomon in Minato Ward, which is being development as a new international hub of Tokyo.  
Through initiatives such as the promotion of the SDGs in urban development, the creation of areas that will encourage creativity, the adoption of the technologies of the future and next-generation services, the formation of a diverse community and the staging of collaborative events in the area, MORI Trust is working with the people of Kamiyacho to create the future.

SDGs Realization of a Sustainable Society

Our sponsor has adopted the SDGs-realization of a sustainable society, as one of the four pillars for achievement of its Kamiyacho God Valley vision and, through initiatives with individual companies and groups for achievement of the SDGs, it is pushing ahead with urban development in each area and collaborating with local stakeholders to solve social issues.

For further details on the Kamiyacho God Valley Vision (Japanese only)

Initiatives for Employees

In accordance with the provisions of the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, MTR is not allowed to recruit employees and the officers and staff of MTAM are responsible for its operation to all intents and purposes. Entrusted with asset management by MTR, MTAM develops human resources through initiatives such as those shown below in order to achieve a high level of asset management.

MTAM’s Employee Training

MTAM bears the cost of participation in training and examinations and other activities to support employees in gaining qualifications and developing necessary business skills in order to improve their professional skills.
MTAM’s employees also take part in diverse human resource development programs prepared by Mori Trust Co. Ltd., which is MTAM’s sponsor.

Sponsor’s Human Resource Development Programs

Opportunity for every employee to think seriously about Mori Trust’s future and actively discuss and express their ideas to achieve group-wide innovation

Study meetings and workshops on new business knowledge and methodologies are held regularly to accelerate the growth of individual employees through mutual encouragement

An opportunity for various employees from different departments to meet together and communicate across departments to share information and better understand each other.

Training Program

Officers and employees are regularly provided with training on themes such as sustainability, compliance and protection of personal information

Personnel Evaluation and Feedback

We conduct performance evaluations and reviews of all employees on a regular basis. Through regular appraisal and feedback, we accelerate employees’ career development and build a transparent personnel evaluation framework.

Creation of Comfortable and Healthy Workplace Environment

We endeavor to create a healthy and comfortable workplace environment where employees can reach their full potential.

(Specific examples)
  ・ Leave and work restriction systems for maternal health management         
   (special leave, restriction of overtime and holiday work)
  ・ Spouse’s childbirth leave system   
  ・ Maternity leave system
  ・ Childcare leave system
  ・ Childcare time system
   (short working hour system, slide work system,restriction of overtime and holiday work)
  ・ Child nursing care leave system
  ・ Family care leave system
  ・ Congratulation and condolence allowance system
  ・ Mental health support         
  ・ Periodic health examinations
  ・ Use of Group hotels by members, etc.

Implementation of employee satisfaction surveys

The asset management company conducts an employee satisfaction survey every year. It respects each employee and has been working on the provision of healthy and comfortable workplace environments to ensure that all employees are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities.

Scheme for listening to complaints

We listen carefully to the complaints and frustrations of our employees in each workplace and take appropriate steps through the whistleblowing system that is available to all its officers and employees (including temporary employees, contract employees, and employees on loan or dispatched from other companies). We take measures to ensure that no whistleblowers suffers retaliatory dismissal, disciplinary measures, or other detrimental treatment because of their whistleblowing.

Human Resources with High levels of Expertise

We seek the achieve even more sophisticated asset management operations by accepting human resources with extensive experience and high levels of expertise from our sponsor and the sponsor group and leveraging their specialist skills.

Initiatives for Employees (Mori Trust Co., Ltd.)

*The Asset Management Company are comprised of personnel seconded from Mori Trust Co., Ltd.

Mori Trust, the sponsor of the asset management company, considers the work-life balance of its employees to help maximize each employee’s abilities and strives to create a comfortable environment for them to work.

(1) Promotion of work-life balance and women’s participation

Mori Trust has introduced various programs, such as childcare leave, to help employees manage both their work and childcare. Recently, the percentage of employees taking childcare leave and returning to work has reached 100%.

(1) Percentage of female recruitment:36.0%
(2) Percentage of female employees:27.0%
(3) Percentage of female managers:5.6%
(4) Percentage of paid leave taken:63.2%
(5) Percentage of employees taking childcare leave and returning to work (Female career track employees):100.0%

(Note) Item (1)and(4)and(5): FY2020, items (2) and (3) as of March 31, 2021

(Systems to Support Work-Life Balance)
(i) Leave and work restrictions for maternal health management 
(ii) Spouse’s childbirth leave
(iii)Maternity leave
(iv) Childcare leave
(v) Childcare time
(vi) Child nursing care leave
(vii)Family care leave   

(2) Certification as a childcare supporting company and start of childcare business

Mori Trust is recognized as a company supporting childcare and promoting women’s activities by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) and certified Kurumin and Eruboshi (two stars).
Mori Trust opened a company-sponsored nursery, Nursery Room Mirai’s, in Shiroyama Trust Tower in November 2019, which is available for use of the building’s tenants and employees.

(3) Implementation of work-style reforms

・Participation in "Time Difference Biz” led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
・Provides free breakfast to promote working in the early morning
・Uses telecommuting and mobile workplace  

(4)Health and productivity management

The company, employees, their families, and the health insurance society work together on health management-related initiatives.
These initiatives have been favorably received, and Mori Trust was certified as a “Health and Productivity Management Organization” in 2021 (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry).

Collaboration with Other External Stakeholders

Collaboration with Property Management Companies, Suppliers and Other Business Partners

When selecting and evaluating property management companies, suppliers and other business partners, we assess their environmental policy and corporate framework and their cooperation with MTAM’s Sustainability Policy.

Initiatives for Human Rights

Based on the "Respect for Human Rights" section of its Sustainability Policy, MTAM supports and respects the principles of human rights stipulated by international norms such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and engages in initiatives to ensure respect for human rights.
MTAM has established the following rules to be complied with by MTAM. Such compliance rules apply to all corporate officers and employees involved in asset management for MTR. We also expect business partners and stakeholders involved in transactions to engage in initiatives that ensure respect for human rights in business processes relating to MTR.

(1)Respect for Human Rights
Our internal regulations prohibit all acts that could be construed as discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, Sexual orientation, gender identity, social identity, physical disability or other differences or as sexual harassment and power harassment. We aim to create a workplace environment where the rights and personality of the individual are respected, and diverse human resources can thrive.

(2) Prohibition on child labor and forced labor
MTAM support and practice the effective abolition of child labor and forced labor. We observe the minimum working age stipulated by laws and ordinances, and do not force workers to engage in labor contrary to their own free will.

(3) Respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining rights
MTAM support and respect freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, and do not discriminate with regard to employment, promotion, dismissal or decisions to transfer workers, in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances.

(4) Control excessive work hours and overtime work
MTAM comply with labor-management agreements on overtime work (Article 36 Agreements) and strive to control excessive working hours and overtime work.

(5) Payment of wages equal to or above the minimum wage
MTAM pay employees wages equal to or above the minimum wage stipulated by law, to ensure stable lifestyles.

(6) Compliance with equal pay for equal work
MTAM prohibit unreasonable differences in treatment between regular (permanent) and irregular (non-permanent) workers, in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances.

MTAM will continue to identify negative impacts on human rights in asset management for MTR, and implement measures to prevent and improve them.

There has been no material violation of laws and ordinances regarding the rules.

Information Disclosure

Information Disclosure

We seek to protect investors, etc., by setting forth policies and procedures to ensure that MTR and MTAM disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We have also set out the Information Disclosure Regulations to help maintain and improve public trust in MTR and MTAM.
In accordance with the Companies Act, the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations, and other applicable laws and regulations, we endeavor to disclose to the public in a timely and appropriate fashion information requiring disclosure in relation to MTR and MTAM and other information that will help investors make investment decisions.

IR Activities

We communicate various useful information for investors via MTR’s website including timely disclosure information, financial information, portfolio information, and information about ESG initiatives and distributions.
We also holding briefing sessions on financial results for each fiscal period (mainly for securities analysts and institutional investors) and provide explanations about MTR’s operations and forecasts. We video the briefing sessions and post the video on MTR’s website to keep investors informed.
In addition, we conduct individual interviews with institutional investors in Japan and overseas to given them a better understanding of MTR’s operations.

Measures for Dealing with Complaints

MTAM has set forth the Regulations for Dealing with Complaints and Disputes, and strives to deal sincerely and promptly with complaints and other requests from customers or others and to show them understanding.

Disaster Response

Implementation of Disaster Drills

We regularly conduct disaster drills in collaboration with tenants at properties owned by MTR in an effort to increase disaster prevention awareness.

Collaboration with Sponsor Group

MTR has concluded a Basic Agreement Concerning Cooperation for Large-scale Disaster Response, etc. with Mori Trust Group Companies to strengthen cooperation for large-scale disaster response. MTR will cooperate with the sponsor group in areas such as human support, technical support, physical support such as emergency supplies and the provision of disaster information in relation to the properties owned by MTR, which entrusts management to Sponsor Group companies pursuant to the Master Lease Agreement and the Property Management Service Agreement.